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Austin's Site (sorry not very creative)
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Welcome to my site!

First *sniff* I'd like to thank my family,*sniff* my friends... no. Actually I'd like to say hi to everybody, I won't list off places or people because I'm guaranteed to forget somebody.

Well, this is, I think, the fourth site I've tried to make, because people didn't tell me enough and I forgot how to edit them (I'm lucky this ones easy[thanx erin]). 

Its newly made so don't tell me it's crappy yet. 

What's New?

You should be able to tell which parts are written by me, I don't have pictures yet, I only need to take 4 more, so just wait i think till at most the end of november, and i'll get a bit farther.

somebody help me i dont no how to do this

Blues Guitar